Health Guarantee & Sales Contract

This guarantee applies to puppies bred by me ONLY! Adult dogs (over 8 months) are sold AS-IS!


Buyer information:






City state zip:__________________________________


Phone number: (_____)_________________________


The following agreement has been made on the _____ day of _______________ in the year 20____.


Sex:______________  DOB:________________________



Buyer has agreed to pay the sale price of: $___________________


Deposit amount:___________ paid on:___________

Balance due (shipping included, if needed):____________________ balance due on or by:________________


Buyer understands that the deposit, and all monies paid are NON-REFUNDABLE & NON-TRANSFERABLE, unless something happens to the puppy in my care.


Buyer understands that if balance is not paid within 7 days of due date, he/she forfeits all deposits, moneys paid toward the puppy, and the seller will place the puppy back up for sale.


Buyer understands and agrees that any puppy purchased with full AKC registration should have Allure’s as the prefix to their AKC registered name.


Seller guarantees AKC paperwork on said puppy within 30 days of sale, if not provided at time of sale. If puppy is sold under spay/neuter agreement as a pet, no AKC paperwork will be provided.


________ This puppy has been evaluated by the seller to be a show/breeding prospect, and is being sold with full AKC. However, this does not in any way guarantee you a show or breeding dog, but a puppy that, at time of sale, appeared to have show/breeding potential.


________ This puppy is being sold for pet purposes only, but buyer has been given full AKC, if he/she turns out to be of breeding quality.


________ This puppy is being sold with limited AKC registration, and is not intended for breeding.


________ It is agreed that this puppy should be spayed/neutered by 8 months of age, and no AKC papers will be provided.



 Health Guarantee & Sales Contract continued


Seller warrants the following:


Puppy is in sound health at time of sale, and should be inspected by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of arrival. Not having puppy examined within this time period voids the guarantee. Seller guarantees the puppy to be free of Parvo and/or Distemper for a period of 5 days. If puppy is found to have either/or, the buyer is to contact the seller within 24 hours of this finding. Not doing so will null/void the guarantee. Seller has the option of asking for return of the puppy, and if requested, buyer must return puppy at his/her expense within 48 hours. Seller will replace said puppy upon receiving signed vet statement of such findings, and after return of all original paperwork, signed back over to the seller. Seller will replace said puppy when one of equal value becomes available. ALL SHIPPING EXPENSES, AND VET BILLS INCURRED ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER!!


This puppy is also guaranteed for one year against congenital defects that will affect the quality of life of the puppy as a pet. If a defect is found within one year of contract date, buyer must notify seller as soon as possible, and provide seller with signed vet statement, return the animal within 7 days, and sign over all original paperwork to seller. If buyer chooses to keep the dog at his/her own expense, buyer takes all responsibility in the care of the dog, or vet expenses. Seller can choose to give buyer partial refund or discount on another puppy, but is not obligated to do so, if buyer chooses to keep said puppy. If buyer returns puppy with all said documents, he/she will receive replacement puppy of equal value when one becomes available. AGAIN, VET & SHIPPING EXPENSES ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER!


Seller does not warrant against the following:


Hypoglycemia- under no condition is the seller responsible for loss or death due to hypoglycemia.

Molera- It is acceptable for a Chihuahua to have a molera, and should not be considered a flaw.

Hernias  (of any kind) 

Testicles (not descending) 

Luxating Patellas- In the event that the puppy develops this condition, the seller will not be held accountable and the buyer takes full responsibility if such a case should arise to have the puppy treated at his own expense.

Coccidia/Giardia- Many puppies are prone to outbreak of either coccidia and/or giardia under stressful circumstances. The symptoms can arise in a 12 hour period, and can not always be prevented by the seller, because their are no signs until the puppy is stressed, and their immune system drops. All precautions have been made, but the buyer should take the puppy to the vet immediately if puppy develops unusual stool, begins vomiting, or has loss of appetite.

Collapsing Trachea- This is a common thing in Chihuahuas when they get excited, and has not been found to impose a health risk, but can be somewhat annoying to some people.


There is no guarantee on SIZE, COLOR, COAT, or BREED ABILITY OF THIS PUPPY.


Buyer warrants that he/she will not knowingly offer this puppy or any of it's offspring to brokers, pet shops, or puppy mills. If buyer is found to be selling the dog, or puppies in such a way, buyer will incur a $1,000 penalty for each puppy found to be sold in this way.


If the buyer ever needs to find the puppy a new home, buyer agrees to return the puppy to the seller and no refund will be issued. Under no circumstances will this puppy/dog ever be surrendered to a shelter or put to sleep without first consenting with the seller.


There are no other guarantees/warranties given, expressed or written, other than those stated in the above contract. Any changes must be made on paper, and signed by both parties.


I have read, understand, and agree to the above terms and conditions: